J. RAVAGEUX creates prose, words and book chapters wherever (and whenever) the juice flows freely --- be it in the confines of his bedroom, public transportation or on a weekend getaway, he ensures to capture the day’s mood, news headlines, hashtags and social media trends on his written works.   

The Horny Pen is his first published work and is part of the series “Forbidden Bite”. Subsequent books will further delve into the sins of Paradise and put into prose the corresponding punishment of the ultimate judgment.   

By day he negotiates proposals, undertakes corporate social work and calculates profits and losses and by night he cares for black cats, reads tarot spreads and perform spell works. In-between he does countless mundane things.  

Published Elsewhere

I have a Wattpad channel.  I publish free stories there, or parts of my readily available books for sale (usually, on Amazon or Createspace).  My Wattpad channel consist of my horror stories or fan fiction.  

I also experiment on other genre and use pen names for young adults and children's book.  This is to create a wall of distinction between my "for adults only" works and those for general consumption.

What's on my Reading List

YOUR BOOK! If you need a beta reader or reviewer of your "soon-to-be-published or newly published manuscript or book, just drop me a note.  Let us support the new and "authors-to-be".

While waiting, let me put my nose in between pages of books involving vampires.  And magick.  And Buddhism.


Please drop me a note at and consider signing up too!

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